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No I have been not watching that kind of media (you know what I mean, and if u dont that is probly a good thing 😉 )

but what I am saying yes to is the fact that I have got a job at science alive, with robots, part time, is that awsome or what

the teams robocup progress is going great we just need to get nick to do the gradients and me to do a bit of varible changing and then we are done, we have advanced roboball sensors, they hax and roll all day long

also I was reading this intresting article about a guy investigating titan rain, you should read it (well recomended)

also i was trying to get to sleep on moday night when all of a sudden a jingle came into my head here it is “come on callers join the party 0900 70 70 70” the question to u (as in the 3-4 people who read this blog on a reular basis) is how did i remember this?, i think it is just an example of why catchy jingles are so good, If anyone can think of a catchy jingle for JMB write it in a comment below, if i like it you will go in the draw for somthing….

well then, thats about it for this edition of JMB

seahorse out 😉


random acronim S.E.X (statment . example. explination)
random drink that im NOT addicted to: lucozade
favorite robosoccer playing robot : church

this blog was brougt to you by the letter k and the number 7


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