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well it has been absoultly ages scince i have blogged, I bet u guys are all antisipating the robocup news

We came second in NZ, awsome. the scores were 3-2 to us (it was awsome 1-2 down half time, 2-2 5 secs from the end and a last minute goal by sarge) and in the final it was 4-2 to them, a camera flash and a too over-zelius removal of code screwed around with our robots

auckland was fun, we ate, we learnt about fans and people looseing there heads on the plane, hehehe.

I have been sick for this entire week

science alive have these awsome robots that I will be saving up for with my first wages, after that I am going to buy a XBOX360 premium pack (well … thats the plan anyways 😉 ) I have been invited to CPIT to take a look around their process control department, should be fun

been programming alot today, making a game, I will post it up in a few days when i get it working so lots of ppl can “admire” my coding,

well i am in a bit of a rush tonight because my mother wants to book theater tickits online… godamn lack of wireless/router/all of the above

seathing out 😉



random phrase of the day: “I am a periscope!!!!”

this blog was brought to you by the letter o and the number 8



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