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Monthly Archives: October 2005


i have discovered a new way to amuse your self with search engines: heres what you do

  1. open up a search engine page (well duh ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. type in a random word and search for it
  3. add a random word to the seach and then seach
  4. continue step 3 untill you have three or less results
  5. and you are done!!!

heres one I prepared earier: click


yea, if any1 does this please add a comment with the link to the search results page

the team hardcore playlist is avalible on xbox live, I am already level 2 at it, so that is not bad


alrite then i am going to bugger off now and do some homework (ah hahaha, no)

have fun

seaweed out ๐Ÿ˜‰



random number: 50
random dope: GWB
random picture:


Inspired musingsโ€ฆ

Well, I am writing this at 12:33 am on a Sunday night / Monday morning in my bedroom (of course I am not going to post this now, that would involve me going to the modem which is playing up at he moment, and hooking it all up and other stuff)

If you are a programmer (or programming student) you will realise that you have to plan out your programs and stuff, I am really writing this blog entry aimed at programming students but meh, as you are doing all that stuff that you have todo in class (e.g. psudocode, deskcheck, structure diagram, etc) it is all an attempt to stifle creativity. (some of you now will be very impressed with those big words I just used, I have anotherone for u: dictionary ;)) you want to know by reasoning behind that last fact? Ok then I will tell you: what happened to getting up at 3am and pulling out ur laptop and coding it in 2 ur favourite language, I mean the way many programming teachers would have it is [at 3am in the morning] โ€œtime to pull out the pen and paper and make me a structure diagram, and then desk check, goody!!!โ€ honestly lets get real ppl, who does that?

Also nerd tv is great.

Seabase out ๐Ÿ˜‰



Random sport of the moment: F1
Random spot of the moment: roundabouts

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\ / NOW!!!!  

hello guys

how are you?

I am remarkably good,

I have desided to toss MS SQL server to the side and and use mySQL instead (now if david from my class is reading this he will be saying “josh you are haxing up the mainframe”) it is remarkably easy to install and is really easy to use (hell yes)

umm yes, i dont have much more to say at the moment apart from watch the Iraq genral election coverage (I am, even if I do have to stay up till midnight be4 it will start, lol)

seadog out ๐Ÿ˜‰



website of the nite:

piece of software of the moment: mySQL

random word: filament

this blog was brought to you by the letter y and the number 7

PS: read this blog below this1


many things to report today:

my CLI (Command Line Interface, think DOS, sh, msh, cmd, csh, zsh, etc) is finished (version 0.2.5) I still have a bit of work todo on it, but for the majority it is finished, download it from here (note, you will need the .NET framework 1.1 to install it, this means it is windows only ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. my fourms are up, you will find them here, please regrester,

now that that is done, time to rant endlessly about things (and you thought i had just finished MWHAHAHA)

microsofts SQL server express is so frustrating to install, I downloaded it, ran it, it said to install the windows installer package 3 so i did, ran it again, told me i needed to remove the .NET framework 2 beta to install so I did, it then told me that i needed to install the .NET framework 2 beta, so i went on the microsoft web site, got the special version of the .NET framework 2 beta that microsofts web site told me i needed to get to run microsofts SQL server express, it told me to uninstall it, notce a pattern?

I mean its like “thank you for choosing microsoft, now we are going to make it as hard as possible to use our products” and “thank you for choosing microsoft, have a bad day”

anyways, gtg

seapony out ๐Ÿ˜‰



random word: super