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many things to report today:

my CLI (Command Line Interface, think DOS, sh, msh, cmd, csh, zsh, etc) is finished (version 0.2.5) I still have a bit of work todo on it, but for the majority it is finished, download it from here (note, you will need the .NET framework 1.1 to install it, this means it is windows only 😉

2. my fourms are up, you will find them here, please regrester,

now that that is done, time to rant endlessly about things (and you thought i had just finished MWHAHAHA)

microsofts SQL server express is so frustrating to install, I downloaded it, ran it, it said to install the windows installer package 3 so i did, ran it again, told me i needed to remove the .NET framework 2 beta to install so I did, it then told me that i needed to install the .NET framework 2 beta, so i went on the microsoft web site, got the special version of the .NET framework 2 beta that microsofts web site told me i needed to get to run microsofts SQL server express, it told me to uninstall it, notce a pattern?

I mean its like “thank you for choosing microsoft, now we are going to make it as hard as possible to use our products” and “thank you for choosing microsoft, have a bad day”

anyways, gtg

seapony out 😉



random word: super

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