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Inspired musings…

Well, I am writing this at 12:33 am on a Sunday night / Monday morning in my bedroom (of course I am not going to post this now, that would involve me going to the modem which is playing up at he moment, and hooking it all up and other stuff)

If you are a programmer (or programming student) you will realise that you have to plan out your programs and stuff, I am really writing this blog entry aimed at programming students but meh, as you are doing all that stuff that you have todo in class (e.g. psudocode, deskcheck, structure diagram, etc) it is all an attempt to stifle creativity. (some of you now will be very impressed with those big words I just used, I have anotherone for u: dictionary ;)) you want to know by reasoning behind that last fact? Ok then I will tell you: what happened to getting up at 3am and pulling out ur laptop and coding it in 2 ur favourite language, I mean the way many programming teachers would have it is [at 3am in the morning] “time to pull out the pen and paper and make me a structure diagram, and then desk check, goody!!!” honestly lets get real ppl, who does that?

Also nerd tv is great.

Seabase out 😉



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