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i have discovered a new way to amuse your self with search engines: heres what you do

  1. open up a search engine page (well duh 😉
  2. type in a random word and search for it
  3. add a random word to the seach and then seach
  4. continue step 3 untill you have three or less results
  5. and you are done!!!

heres one I prepared earier: click


yea, if any1 does this please add a comment with the link to the search results page

the team hardcore playlist is avalible on xbox live, I am already level 2 at it, so that is not bad


alrite then i am going to bugger off now and do some homework (ah hahaha, no)

have fun

seaweed out 😉



random number: 50
random dope: GWB
random picture:


One Comment

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