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Monthly Archives: November 2005


yes I know it has been more than one day since I have updated this blog (so sue me).

alright then, time to continue on with the bloggage;

apart from becoming a member of Planet NZTech (see below) here is a list of the rest of the good stuff that has happened recently

I am in the process of learning C# and c++ (some of the basic commands for c# are easy)
I have finished school for the year (and I bet we all know what that means don’t we?)
I found the best NZ maps website online at the momment (in my opinion) and here it is, it is based on NZ govt data and uses Ajax

and now for the bad thing that has happened in this week, my laptop (including as my OpenSoliris and NetBSD and slackware VM’s) broke (actually physically broke, I probly would of been able to fix it if it had of been software related) so that had to go in for repairs and almost ended up costing me $800 dollars, because one of the hinges that hold the monitor up broke and HP don’t sell single hinges, they only sell the whole screen which is $800, I have to love my warranty. So henceforth I am writing this on my mothers laptop (now my laptop, its back)

ive been coding really furisly the last few days, the project that i am working on is a secret (for now) i think this will be my first major major project, who knows, I may even start selling it

also I know how much money I need to buy an xbox360, i will need at least $716 for the premium pack (nothing less for me) so I figure that I may as well just take $1000 with me and buy an extra controller and a game or two, so i need all the money I can get bettween now and the 1st of march (when it comes out) so can you please click the add up top of this page

alright im going now

seadonkey out πŸ˜‰



random program that im running at the moment, intelPROset
random word of the momment: luscious
random google search of the momment: dinosaur justice with frogs


Hey Guys

Some cool stuff has happened and some bad stuff has happend, more on the bad stuff in a minute

I have now been added to Planet NZTech (PNZT), PNZT is a collection of blogs and things about New Zealand Technoligy and things like that (you can get to it via here or by the link in my sidebar that i will add to the blog after I complete this post)

for those of you who are reading this on PNZT here is a quick recap of who I am:
I am a 18 year old student who has just finished his year at the Christchurch College of Computing,
I work at Science Alive part time as a assitant robot guy, (very) occasional IT guy,
I came second in NZ at RoboCupJunior RoboSoccer, my team might of came first but due to some IR noise, a little too much code removed accidently, refrees, our own stupid (why was I just about to put font?)selves and more we didnt
I Also have my own company (called LOON) that has a website (its address is: http://localhost/loon/index.aspx),
at the moment LOON is: a video production company, the authors behind such unknowns as AgressiveTodo and JSH (my CLI, not the java one, soon to have its own scripting language), and more

alright then I couldnt see the point of continuing this blog about anything else so i will post the second part of this blog up tommorow




well i have finished school for the year, whoo

it was funny tho; the words “leadership” and “able to manage complex progects” appered on my report, and no it was not in a negitive scence (hahaha), me and jeffrey came to the conclution that it was from all my xlive team games

i am now ranked 16 over all in halo 2 witch is not to bad “pritty fly for a white guy”

umm yea



hello guys


what can i tell you that will make you go “wow” or as per usually “ohh good noooooooooooooooo!!!”

well I posted the source code of JSH online (minus one hidden feature πŸ˜‰ ), because i am about to have tea you can go find it, its at

I finished my major project, but i think i will redo it becase it was well, quite frankly, crap

If you guys are lucky i may even do it with SQL server, I probly should upgrade my version of mySQL anyway also channel 9 is such an awsome place, they have an interview with mat nagiogi or somthing or rather, if you play halo 2 and do not know who he his you do not deserved to be ranked above level 5 on XBL

hmm i think this upcoming week i will start on the jsf (JSH Scripting File) extention to JSH, what a bloody maration that will be

I finsh timetabled classes for this year on tuesday

ok I need to go have tea now

seafish out πŸ˜‰



random word of the moment: International
the ansewer; pinnaples, tumpets, dubba, the question? name a fruit, a toot and a doot

this blog was brought to you by the letter “t” and the number 5
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