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Hey Guys

Some cool stuff has happened and some bad stuff has happend, more on the bad stuff in a minute

I have now been added to Planet NZTech (PNZT), PNZT is a collection of blogs and things about New Zealand Technoligy and things like that (you can get to it via here or by the link in my sidebar that i will add to the blog after I complete this post)

for those of you who are reading this on PNZT here is a quick recap of who I am:
I am a 18 year old student who has just finished his year at the Christchurch College of Computing,
I work at Science Alive part time as a assitant robot guy, (very) occasional IT guy,
I came second in NZ at RoboCupJunior RoboSoccer, my team might of came first but due to some IR noise, a little too much code removed accidently, refrees, our own stupid (why was I just about to put font?)selves and more we didnt
I Also have my own company (called LOON) that has a website (its address is: http://localhost/loon/index.aspx),
at the moment LOON is: a video production company, the authors behind such unknowns as AgressiveTodo and JSH (my CLI, not the java one, soon to have its own scripting language), and more

alright then I couldnt see the point of continuing this blog about anything else so i will post the second part of this blog up tommorow




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