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well xmas has been and gone, i got an mp3 player (i am currently listining to it), some clothes, money, a cd and some other stuff

I had a compulsary staff meeting at science alive the other day, i got there and there were some people about mmy age just lingering about the place then when the interactive area supervisor got us into some form of ornganisation she told us that we would be playing ball tag and that we would be finishing at 8pm (this was at 5pm) I was like “oh god make it stop” (if you have meet me you would probably laugh!!!), but that only lasted for a few miniutes (during which I did my best to enjoy myself) after that we we told that we were going to lazer strike and i was begining to enjoy myself, i did ok, my team won by about 30 points, I got told that i was rather good at it, i replyed with the fact that i play 2-10 hours of FPSes a day, and she said “oh”, and then we went back to science alive, waited for pizza to turn up, it didnt so we went to burger king and got whatever we wanted (with a $10 cap, but that wasent really an issue), so we ate that, said our goodbyes and i went to catch the bus home but i couldnt find any bus money, so i started to walk home, and then about two minutes into that i desided to look in my jacket pocket, the money was in there!!!

as for AggTodo, I am having a 2 week break, some of the UI code was driving me bonkers, the IDE wasnt helping much, so at the mo i am writing some tools for the xlan

ok then i think ill go now

josh out

web site of the mo:
phrase of the mo: drive by upload

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