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Monthly Archives: January 2006

Some thoughts


Well, yes – it’s that time of the week for another instalment of JMB, time to keep you up to date on either: anything that’s on my mind, anything that is on someone else’s mind or just nothing in particular. What’s that you say? Shut up and get on with it? Alright then I will

My mp3 player is slowly becoming something of a essential everyday accessory for me, I take it everywhere, it is my little buddy (that sounded bad / noobish didn’t it?), so it was only a matter of time that I got into podcasting (for those who don’t know what podcasting is, think of it as a kind of audio blog), and it all happened though a Google ad, I came to the ad via visiting one of the blogs I visit on a regular basis, saw the ad (the ad was for urban coffee, a podcast that I now like) clicked it and BOOM!!!, I was hooked on it. It’s a good podcast I highly recommend it (you can find it @

I will post a bit more tomorrow

Josh out 😉

Website of the last week:
Quote of the day: “think of it a kind of blog with words”
Random product of the day: Jungle Juice (not because I like it or anything, it’s just because it has a funny name)
The JMB award for crafty product placement: Cisco routers, firewalls and IP-phones in 24
Statement that does something in one of my databases: SELECT * FROM people WHERE clue= 1
Add me to MSN messenger or Google talk,
MSN: jhektor[at]gmail[dot]com
Google Talk: jhektor[at]gmail[dot]com


Hey guys, I noticed through all the blogs I read that there was a lot of new years resolution type blog entry so here’s mine (a little late though)

1. Complete all school work – I’m quite slack when it comes to schoolwork, so that is my main priority, I need to get the qualifications so I can do all the cool stuff I want todo

2. As above

3. Play around with NXT robotics – self explanatory

4. Write all my awesome ideas in a secure format until I have time to work on them – believe it or not I do have pretty good ideas sometimes

5. do more work for science alive – josh working = stuff todo, money, experience, enjoyment, less chores, more time for robotics, chance to speak to someone (offline) who knows more than me about robotics (you guys know who you are)

6. Attend Microsoft TechEd (hopfully, if I can get money/sponsored) – I can get noticed at Microsoft and can gain info, etc

7. Shove my robocup stuff into some sort of presentation – I have a feeling that I could be involved in the organizational side of that this year, now that could be fun (without sarcasm)

8. As 1 and 2

9. Get an xbox360

10. become a active member of the NZ .NET user group

alright then


josh out

random phrase of the moment: put the elephant head down bob, and start your putt


in a rare first i am going to publish 2 blogs in a short time frame, whoa

i was sitting in bed last night and was pondering things, but i had my music player on, as I have not really told you guys what I listen to so here it is

Rock (Queen, Guns and Roses, Foo Fighers, Greenday, Oasis, U2, etc)
EDM (electronic dance music, most genres Trance, Breakbeat, Happy Hardcore, Dance, little little bit of dub)
Orpra (every now and then i listen to a little bit – but it is quite rearly that i do)

and I listen to some other stuff aswell but i cannot remeber it


Josh out


sorry about the length between blogs, i will try and post a blog about once every week

well its about time for the Joshua Harris Clap Clap Award (aka JHCCA), this is somthing that is stupid and/or intelligent

so let the show commence *insert show type music here*

the JHCCA goes to george w bush, for, in one word: iraq

thats the end of the JHCCA section of the night now on to other things

I got board the other night and started to program a blog system, I figured I would need to any ways eventaly when i start to host my own website, its all in, i figured i would add rss to it (for planet NZtech and anyone else who has added my blog to a rss viewer), but i couldnt find anything simple to us to convert my blog to an rss feed, so i decided to create my own syndication format, i was gonnna call it rrss (Realy Realy simple syndication), it will be 100% (hopefully) compatible with rss, but then i found a rss .NET component that i could use, i dont know weather i can really be bothered with it to be honest in the first verson, i want the code to be as clean as possible (wonder how long that will last!!!), stay tuned for the next installment in the sarga.

i was talking to ben nolan the other day (those people that are reading this and are wondering who he is: he is one of the guys who make: zoomin) and he was telling me that i should learn Ruby on Rails, so i am,

any ways, thats about it for this editon of JMB, stay tuned for next weeks thrilling installment, where DR Debuger faces his greatest nightmare, bugs in the world!!!)

josh out

random number: 339332
random quote: judy baily dancing the macarina on a 1cm bed of aligators sleeping on posssum skin trousers