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Hey guys, I noticed through all the blogs I read that there was a lot of new years resolution type blog entry so here’s mine (a little late though)

1. Complete all school work – I’m quite slack when it comes to schoolwork, so that is my main priority, I need to get the qualifications so I can do all the cool stuff I want todo

2. As above

3. Play around with NXT robotics – self explanatory

4. Write all my awesome ideas in a secure format until I have time to work on them – believe it or not I do have pretty good ideas sometimes

5. do more work for science alive – josh working = stuff todo, money, experience, enjoyment, less chores, more time for robotics, chance to speak to someone (offline) who knows more than me about robotics (you guys know who you are)

6. Attend Microsoft TechEd (hopfully, if I can get money/sponsored) – I can get noticed at Microsoft and can gain info, etc

7. Shove my robocup stuff into some sort of presentation – I have a feeling that I could be involved in the organizational side of that this year, now that could be fun (without sarcasm)

8. As 1 and 2

9. Get an xbox360

10. become a active member of the NZ .NET user group

alright then


josh out

random phrase of the moment: put the elephant head down bob, and start your putt

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