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Monthly Archives: February 2006

God Sequential File handling in .NET annoys me

Sub makeWebPages()
Dim i As Int32

Dim hw(num) As IO.StreamWriter

'loop to generate web pages
For i = 1 To num

hw(i – 1) = New IO.StreamWriter(hName(1), False)
hw(i – 1).AutoFlush = True

Dim j As Int32

For j = 1 To num
If Not j = num Then
End If



End With


End Sub

it produces this when num=4

God damn it

I think im gonna have to rewrite that god damn sub

Mind you, coding it with a io.streamwriter might be a bad idea

I think there is a MSR paper about it, ill read that before I go back to the VB6ish way of doing things

josh out

PS: I also hate Blogger, it made me leave out the most of the HTML


Whoa, yes its a post

I have started CPIT, all is going well (I’m gonna actually apply myself this year, sorry if that sounded snobby but I havent really worked that hard at school.) I can not wait untill the second semester untill i start all my awsome programming papers (jade, C and Java)

I am quite buzy with varous projects of mine, such as

  • learning Unix shell scripting – I want to be the uber unix haX0r
  • aggTodo – yes i am still working on it
  • genral programming on things
  • creating a little SQL server database for a project of mine, 2-3 people know what it is, but I dont want to tell to many people yet, just in case i cant figure out somthing out, I dont want to get to many people excited about somthing yet – I will tell you this though – I am reading scientific papers
  • playing around with DotNetNuke and community server – umm just because I can
  • reading textbooks about mechtronics – trying to get a headstart on the AUK uni mechtronics degree of 2012ish
  • CPIT stuff – well duh

CPIT is going great for me

I am thinking about starting a podcast / vid cast – oh goody 30mins of me talking!!!!!!!!!!!! (and music etc etc etc, coding and stuff)

Umm I dont really know what else to post – im not having a creatave day

heres some great links that I like

my blog in jive
my favorite HHC dj
DJ Bolivia
code translator
IE7 download

seaweeb out 😉

random quote: “NO george, no you can not take over all the fungi in the world”