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God Sequential File handling in .NET annoys me

Sub makeWebPages()
Dim i As Int32

Dim hw(num) As IO.StreamWriter

'loop to generate web pages
For i = 1 To num

hw(i – 1) = New IO.StreamWriter(hName(1), False)
hw(i – 1).AutoFlush = True

Dim j As Int32

For j = 1 To num
If Not j = num Then
End If



End With


End Sub

it produces this when num=4

God damn it

I think im gonna have to rewrite that god damn sub

Mind you, coding it with a io.streamwriter might be a bad idea

I think there is a MSR paper about it, ill read that before I go back to the VB6ish way of doing things

josh out

PS: I also hate Blogger, it made me leave out the most of the HTML

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