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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Hi all

Sorry the blog has been dark a while, i have been very busy working on SCUD. I think I can finaly tell you what SCUD is, Its a search engine, that is all im gonna tell you at the moment, but when we get it fully working i will give a full rundown of what SCUD is and does and what makes it so god-damn awsome

Anyways we presented SCUD to microsoft on wensday, despite a few technical issue (ie the program having a error 5mins before I had to present it), the presentation (as in the actuall PPT) went well apart from a few minor probs 😉

Anyways, I think im gonna get some lunch now, I will shove the weekly linkage up in a few hours





Well it finally happened, the govt have announced a proposal to unbundle the local(NZ) loop, This means that we may finally have faster cheaper internet(not just telecoms crap version of faster cheaper internet)

This is just what those in the IT industry need

While I got and rant some more in chatrooms here some links for more info 

Cyas somtime soon

Hi all

I have decided to update my blog weekly with interesting / tabs-in-browser /cool links and then do a general blog at the current rate (whenever I feel like it!!)

anyways on with the linkage 

Open source image restoration and enhancement toolkit

Open source 3D mobile robot simulation environment

US Medical Database

I love this bit of software, although its written in java

Regular expressions in .NET

Thats it for this post cya


Hi all

Just thought I would tell you that I have 4 day weekends, rock on (more time for proggramming and gaming)


talk some more next week