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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Whoo, Its my 50th post. There are those of you that said it wouldnt make it *looks at self*, from the very first posts (for those of you that would like to see, go here) I have attacted a loyal readerbase of me, myself and I, and a few more people.

PS: .NET 3.0 is coming down the line as we speak!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, thats right,

Let me explain:

TVNZ is a SOE (state owned enterprise) [I think], and “one network news” didnt broadcast the fact that WMD’s were found in Iraq (yes thats right, more info here), I would think that this would at least be mentioned in the news somewhere.

<cough>bagdad bob wannabe</cough>

Anyways, on with the computer related blogging

PS: If anything, im Libral, so im not pro-bush

this is a great article about programming WCF, I really cant wait to get my hands on it (damn 40gb hd)

I have noticed that TVNZ, In particular “One News” has been mocking robotics quite a bit recently. First there was the mocking of RoboCup last night (I cant quite remember what was said but I know there was a heavy amount of mocking), Secondly they were mocking robotics in general about 5 minutes ago on “One News”. This is another example of how little most the NZ people care about technology, This is bad because of the brain drain that NZ is experiencing, ie all the intelligent young people moving overseas.

Ok rant over, I could go on about this topic all day but for reasons of public safety I wont ๐Ÿ˜‰

For those of you those dont use it, download Flock It is a webbrowser and so much more (now I just press ctrl+b to write a blog post)

Blogged with Flock

via darryl "The SQL Everywhere team has just released the first CTP of SQL Everywhere."If you don’t know what SQL Everywhere is, think SQL Mobile, for those of you that do not know what that is, thing a smaller version of SQL server express, etc designed specifically for smartphones, PDA's and the like.

The thing about SQL Everywhere is that aswell as all of the above formats it also supports windows XP, server 2003, etc.

SQL Everywhere is designed to be used for applications that only need to store small amounts of data. If you want to store millions of records, you’ll want to seriously consider SQL Express.

Its only a 1.7mb download, so go for it.

As many of you know, I have a lot to say about Net 3.0 [aka WinFX) (well for a student anyways ;] ), so I have decided to download it and put it to the test of Josh, I will do it when I get a removible hard drive

in the meantime check out the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Community

when you are copying text from stuff, don’t you hate it when it copy’s the format of the source as-well, what I do to combat that is just pop up the run command (this is in windows, sorry linux heads, I’m sure there is something similar you can do…) and paste your text into that, then copy it from the run dialog, then paste it to your target document, web app, etc

Update: I seem to be getting a lot of google searches to this post about LANing a Xbox to a PC. The short anwser is that you can’t.

Ive been told to get my a into g (thanks jeff ;] ) and organise a xlan (with a little pcage maybe), we will have 360s and Xboxes (ill probly borrow jeffs for the 360age), and was just wondering if anybody would be intrested in one, it will be in the semester break, the more people that tell me the more likely it is gonna be held, and because: the more people = less price ๐Ÿ˜‰

It will be held in CHCH, NZ soonish

just email me at jhektor [at] gmail [dot] com (you know what to do)

First things first:

We've got 3 unopened RoboDesigner robotics kits here at work that we don'tneed for classes so we are going to sell them. I thought I'd let you knowfirst in case you want to buy one. We were originally going to sell them for$280 but have changed that to $240 & I can even get one for you (and anyone else you know who might want one) for just $179! Let me know what you think

now, I know this is a little strange, but one of my sources has sent me an email for with that, I really want one but I dont have that much money atm(im a student, enough said, if you want to donate to the Buy Josh a RoboDesigner fund, send money to  "jhektor [at] gmail [dot] com" via paypal (just remove the spaces and change the stuff around

and yes I know I am unverifed on paypal, I dont have a credit card to use