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Well I think we can say that we are a bit over 5% with scud, we have decided to go and talk to our target audience, so we have emailed the appropriate people we will be doing that in a few weeks (me and jerm both have exams for the next 2 weeks)

On other news, I (for once) had nothing todo for a few hours last night and I started downloading some e-texts from Project Gutenberg  (for a small project of mine todo with SCUD) and I found out that they offer a free CD or DVD of ebooks, thats better than what I had been doing (I needed to have a large quantity of them to do stuff on), so I ordered a DVD of 9400 of the most downloaded ebooks. If you want to find more info of that free dvd with ebooks on it click here.

As I mentioned above, I have exams in the coming two weeks, the good news Is that I only have two, the bad news, theres no programming involved (well actually there is a little SQL but everybody knows that)

well, thats it for this post 


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