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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Its great,

In case you dont know what NDoc (or sandcastle) is, It can generate documentation out of XML comments in your code, I will provide a little demo when I get home, I am just about to rush off to CPIT

here is the download link, and here is where you will find more information about it


I seem to be getting a lot of searches about creating a PC to XBOX lan, you cant (to the best of my knowlege), not unless you mod, and modding is for Lamo’s 🙂

Whoa, its been a long time since I have done one of these, oh well, on with the linkage

ADO.Net DB Connection Visualizer: A quick way to run a SQL statement against a database connection and view the results in a grid while debugging your code. To add to the awsomeness this is free!!!!!!!!!

Satirewire: This site fits in with my sense of humor well!!!!

ASP.NET system information: Im thinking of using this for SCUD…

HanselMinutes: A weekly podcast with Scott Hanselman and hosted by Carl Franklin (.net related)

Thats all for this post

just a quick note to say that I have just noticed this video on channel 9 about the rename of WinFX to .net 3.0. Looks good, I will download it when I get home

if you want to contact me, my email and MSN messenger address is:


Yes, Microsoft Virtual PC (think VMware workstation) is now free and some cool licencing changes have been made. Instead of ranting on I will let you read the link

Alright, I cant take on anymore projects untill I finish the ones I have:

  • PMR
  • AggTodo
  • HtmlWriter
  • SCUD (both PMR and SCUD will take a while so they dont really count, PMR more than scud)
  • JCMS

I think thats all of them…

For those of you who read this because of the occasional technical thing I write, you may want to skip this post.


Feel free to ROFL, but I have decided to get into shape (a little)

I have decided to do this after reading a few articles that say fitness will make you a better programmer, that and I think I really should, im almost 19 and I should really take better care of myself.

So what does this mean? To be honest, no idea. However I do know 2-3 things:

1. I will not stop eating the food and drink I usually do, I will just try and eat some               more healthy things every now and again
2. I will try and exercise a little (i.e. going on big walks etc)

I think this is fairly reasonable, don’t worry, Im not going to be replaced with some hypnotic fitness bunny (i.e. “I can bench-press 100kg”)


“Is it just me or is there something strangely ironic about having one
machine running software to pretend to be multiple machines which are
runnning software to pretend to be one machine…?”

o f /.

Microsoft to Supply Electronics to Formula 1

 I hope they dont have a “crash” 😉