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Thoughs of you 3-4 regular readers (Hi chippo!!), will know that at the moment I have no real server apart from my laptop, and that is not too good for the battry life, a “road warror” (lol) like me needs battry life.

So after the renovations in 2-4 months we will have a extra room, and I have been told that I can use that room as a server room, and to be honest I didnt really have a real use (apart from the obvious SQL server and IIS) for them, so I have now figured out what im gonna use them for, heres the list (so I dont forget):

IIS server

Possbly sharepoint server

SQL server

Vibe Streaming Server (all music stored in one place and its free!!!!)

Virtual server
ISA Server (not sure if I need this, my modem and the security tools I use at the moment seem to do the job, then again more security=more awesomeness and the caching will be handy for me)

and theres bound to be another and of course all the usuals, AD, DNS, and more.

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