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For those of you who read this because of the occasional technical thing I write, you may want to skip this post.


Feel free to ROFL, but I have decided to get into shape (a little)

I have decided to do this after reading a few articles that say fitness will make you a better programmer, that and I think I really should, im almost 19 and I should really take better care of myself.

So what does this mean? To be honest, no idea. However I do know 2-3 things:

1. I will not stop eating the food and drink I usually do, I will just try and eat some               more healthy things every now and again
2. I will try and exercise a little (i.e. going on big walks etc)

I think this is fairly reasonable, don’t worry, Im not going to be replaced with some hypnotic fitness bunny (i.e. “I can bench-press 100kg”)


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