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Monthly Archives: September 2006

She is probably coming home from the hospital today. She had a lung infection and she is feeling a little better.


I know there is not much chance of her reading this, but get well soon mum, she is going to hospital, I know a bit more but don’t think I should say much more until we know whats going on, I will keep you posted, it might be serious, and it might not, lets hope its not serious. We will see what happens.

Just a intro post, bloopers at

A chat with George, a Artificial Intelligence bot

Chat now at

George: Hi, want to chat?

User: Sure.

George: Excellent.

User: So, hows stuff?

George: You want to go so go don’t cling on to a dying conversation.

User: I dont want to go.

George: Then stay.

User: I will.

George: Let’s do something?

User: Ok then, What?

George: Your eyes are red and hazy.

User: They are?

George: Well you are so beautiful that any guy is lucky to be with you.

User: Im a man.

George: That is not very likely, is it now?

User: Trust me, Im all man.

George: Wait a minute, I thought you were Joan. Who am I talking to?

User: Josh.

George: Are you a girl?

User: No.

George: Now are you a girl?

User: No.

George: It’s ok. Make sure you are next time.

Remember a few days ago, when I told you that I had something cool to announce within the next few days?

Well here it is: I am starting a vlog (video log), this may turn into a podcast down the track, but we will see what happens. The Vlog is going to be called Josh&Jerm, as you may of figured out, I am hosting it with Jerm.

J&J will be about programming, a little bit of news here and there, gaming, a little web 2.0, and other things related to cool uses of technology, we will invite guests on to the show.

If you have something cool related to technology(or if you are an employee/CEO of a cool tech company) that you would like to talk about, please email me @ jhektor$gmail*com (replace the $ with a @ and * with a dot), It would help if you are in Christchurch, NZ. But it doesnt really matter, we can use skype or something to talk to you.

You should see the first episode of J&J either monday or tuesday.

I will post here when its up.

So for some unknown reason I have been thinking about visualizing many-dimensional arrays. Its fairly easy to picture 1-3 dimensional arrays (a list for 1d, a table for 2d, a cube for 3d), But thats where its starts to get tricky…

So this is what Ive come up with

For a 4d array, thats easy enough because time is the 4th dimension (so an array declared with the following: Dim fourdarray(5, 5, 5, 5) would be a cube with 5x5x5 units at time 5)

For a 5d array: I’m just making up stuff now, but hey it works, think of the 5th dimension as a place (so an array declared with the following: Dim fivedarray(5, 5, 5, 5,5 ) would be a cube with 5x5x5 units at place 5 at time 5)

That is it for this random rants of the moment, stay tuned, something cool is gonna be announced sometime in the next 48 hours, and I’m not just meaning the apple announcement (its not that extravagant, but it will be exciting…)

Alright, if you want to, you can add yourself to my frappr map here:


Just a quick note (I am getting lots of American viewers to my blog) that I am thinking of you on this 5th anniversary of the attacks on the WTC, I remember the day well

I am thinking of you guys

Got some exciting news on wendsday or thursday, it isnt that masive but still… πŸ˜‰

Nat has a good post about kids not being turned onto science and technology as careers.

I have a few thoughts about this. The thing with technology and science(this is based mainly from what I see in NZ) is that those subjects are still portrayed as being nerdy (which I have to say, for most of tech jobs, I would be inclined to agree, but lets not dwell on that shall we πŸ˜‰ ).

Like many people (whom are programmers) I was introduced to programming via QuickBasic, and there is a shortage of programmers? I wonder why…

So what is the solution? I propose a number of different ideas:

  1. There needs to be more things like KPL, and they need to be implemented into the curriculum (in NZ around year 7-8 there is a manitory subject called technology with a term in a computer room, more often than not this just turns into time for writing up assignments and the like, this would be the perfect time to spend a week or two on basic programming using KPL or similar).
  2. There needs to be multi million dollar campaign to make science and tech cool, this would include educating news anchor in tech, all areas of it.

Ok so it wasn’t really that many but hey πŸ˜‰

What’s your opinion? It would be interesting to hear what other people from different country’s think off this problem.