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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Having a wiki on your desktop is  unbeavablably handy, I like StickWiki (one page self modifying wiki) set as an active desktop item, it rocks!


Zooomr has been down for the last while :(, whats more all my photowalking pics have dissapared :(, oh well, Its still a beta, and things, Its no biggie, I will just upload them again. heres a picture of patch (my cat)

Patch on my laptopPatch on my laptop Hosted on Z


Recently, I needed to download a lot of files that I had in a file on my computer, so I threw together a quick console program to download files given a text file with the URLs in it. It worked first time around perfectly, and Im quite proud of it, I think that other people could use this program, here is the source for it…

            List<string> files=new List<string>();

            System.Net.WebClient downloader = new System.Net.WebClient();


            string location=Console.ReadLine();

            StreamReader filereader = new StreamReader(location);


            while (!filereader.EndOfStream)





            foreach (string n in files)




                    Console.Write(“downloading file “+ n + “: “);

                    downloader.DownloadFile(n, Path.GetFileName(n));



                catch (Exception x)


                    Console.WriteLine(“failed, reason: “+ x.ToString());







its pritty self explanitory, and it did what I want it to, so I didnt really test it that much

Blogged with Flock

I have not done one of these in a while so here goes. I have just had holidays, and I have completed JRN 0.4 (I need to update CodePlex..)

I have been playing with for about 2-3 months now and I think it really rocks, its open source, mainly written in C#, its not quite the GIMP / Photoshop but its getting there.

Currently I am doing a lot of revision, programming, and things, my next project is going well, although I will have to rewrite a lot of it (a little tip do not code while really tired, It produces funky code…)

I did my own little photo walk today, its really not that much, infact, it was really just me taking a few pictures on the way to buy some Coke (the drink kind :)), regardless I posted my pictures here.

I am working on a newish project I will talk more about it in a week or two. I am still working on JRN and will have JRN 0.5 out soon.

And now for your regularly scheduled interweb..

So, I have been using JRN for about 2 weeks now, and I get all the Microsoft blog’s with it, and I have figured out what the most used languages for the code samples on most of the Microsoft blogs are:

  1. C#, Not really a supprise.
  2. C++, Sort of a little supprising.
  3. VB, I thought it would be the 2nd in this list…

This wasn’t really a scientific study, but its close enough 😛

Things are getting a little boring here, so I have decided to join

You can find my page here.

I guess you could say I have a link blog, heh…

I remember this.

Ah, Good times.

Hi all, JRN is now live!!!!

here you go
(oh and speaking of things that start with J, JoshJerm will be up somtime this week)

A mate of mine has just set up a free PHP hosting website thing, I have set up a account there and stuff like that(even though I am a microsoft fanboy, I still want another tool in my belt), here it is

The JRN code is still getting tweaked, I will post here as soon as it is online but I thought you guys may like a screenshot of it:

JRN Screenshot (edit: wordpress didnt handle that so well, Ill replace the picture with a link to a proper one in a few hours)
It doesnt really look that cool at the moment, so for a better understanding of what im trying todo, I am trying to produce a ASP.NET version of planet.

Then once I have done that, I will add some custom features and make it all web 2.0 like.

Not a bad first real project with c#, I was a VB fanboy previously.