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Monthly Archives: November 2006

So, What is CTS?

CTS (Christchurch Tech Students) is a group of students that get together and talk about stuff, meet people, listen to the occasional presentation by people in the industry, etc,

Why the hell did I set up CTS?

Well, when you look at tech related stuff in NZ, its all aimed at one technology or for non students (and the things that are for students are all in Wellington ūüė¶ ), And it is a great way to learn about interesting things that you generally would not hear about in your circle.

Sounds cool/horrible, Where can I sign up?

You can sign up by going here

(be warned that this group is just starting, so it will take around a week to really get set up)

Who the hell are you?
Well, If you don’t know who I am, I suggest you visit my about page.



I’m using IE7 for the first time in a while. It managed to pick up the proxy settings for the wireless I am currently using, whereas my usual browser, Flock and also my other usual browser Firefox did not, intesting…

Now even though I am a microsoft fanboy (as you should know by now) I think flock and Firefox rock.


Here is a Good C# threading paper (Its a PDF though, so you are best to download it

(via Derek Smyth)

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Here is a Good C# threading paper (Its a PDF though, so you are best to download it

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Just as I have posted on my not posting for a while, what happens?, I find something that I want to talk about (sigh).

Anyways here is a little notetaking application that I wrote, full source is included.

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So, I’m still alive.

I have been (and still are) quite busy with things

I estimate that I will more than likely will not be blogging much untill two weeks time, however, I will be updating my linkblog (ok, its just my feed, but hey, its something :P)

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Really quickly

Joshjerm will be up in about 2hrs

Update: Ah, my FTP client failed, god damned it

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Well, I have just finished a upload of around 23 or so of my pictures to zooomr and I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures:

(If you are on a slow connection you may want to come back later)

StreetlightStreetlight Hosted on Z


Wrecked windowWrecked window Hosted on Z


Hand PoleHand Pole Hosted on Z


PathPath Hosted on Z


Traffic lightTraffic light Hosted on Z


SeatSeat Hosted on Z


Ok so I went a little crazy :P, if you want to see more go here

So as you may of noticed I have sort of been working on JRN quite a bit. I have decided to dedicate most of my programming time to it, Because I want to make it the best River of News blog aggregator available

Any help is really welcome, email me at jhektor [at] gmail <dot> com

Just quickly I added some documentation to JRN.

You can find it here.