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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Well, my plan didnt quite work…

I could publish version 0.5 of JRN now, but it doesnt quite have all the fixes and new features that I want to have, yet (and the style of the whole thing is pritty horrible, at the moment.)

So stay turned, it will be out sometime this week.


I have got a few spare days free so I have decided to finish version 0.5 of JRN (about time!!)

Some features / bug fixes will be:

  • New CSS based design
  • Made loading time shorter (I cant do that properly until I fully incorporate a database – will be done in version 1.0)
  • fixed author bug (JRN not showing the post author)

there will be a few other little bug fixes and features that I want to include, but I don’t want to give too much away yet 🙂

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I found this site though StumbleUpon

Its just a awsome site, I can see me freeing up alot of space to download some more DJ Mixes!

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Yup, I am back.

I plan to blog about 3 times a week (and also blog about more .NET stuff). But first I have got about 4-5 drafts that I want to post, so Ill get those published first(unless somthing intresting happens)

PS: Like the new theme?

Its been a while.

Just a quick note to say that I will returning from my blogging break sometime soon, I am gonna give this blog a new lick of paint and start blogging properly.

See you soon.

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