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Monthly Archives: February 2007

My laptop is still playing up, but I am managing to write some of code (sort of related to the imagine cup). Most of this has been me playing around with SAPI, but recently I have been having some fun with the System.Drawing namespace.

Anyways would’nt it be cool if instead of having to have a nasty For loop to iterate through all of the pixels in a image you could just do something along the lines of

Bitmap b = new bitmap(pbox.image);

foreach (pixel px in b)

// do stuff here


I know that if I want to do alot of proggramic graphic manipulation I should be using C++ or something along those lines, but I want todo it in c#

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I will probably not most much over the next few weeks due to the fact that my laptop’s motherboard has decided to be funny with the way it distributes power (sigh), this will probably end up with me buying a new laptop.

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