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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Well, Yeah.

I got a few more people asking for them (the joost invites) than I thought I would.

I have found the people I am gonna give them to and they will be getting an invite in their inboxes soon.


A while ago I got a Joost invite from Joost (if that makes any sense).

And, yes Joost is freaking awsome (even on crappy broadband…)

So I accepted. and now I have been given 3 joost invites, If you want one let me know.

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This place does really cool wallpaper.

Makes me wish I had a vista box or a Mac just for shear awsomness points.

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Processing is a cool programming language, Its designed for things like data visualisation. It is based on Java so it’s really easy to pick up.

I’m getting excited…

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