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A while ago I got a Joost invite from Joost (if that makes any sense).

And, yes Joost is freaking awsome (even on crappy broadband…)

So I accepted. and now I have been given 3 joost invites, If you want one let me know.

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  1. oh that will be nice to have one! thx in advance!

  2. Hi Josh, I’d love an invite to Joost. I’ve been using TVU for a while and it definitely leaves a lot to be desired. If you haven’t already given the invites away, I’d really appreciate a chance to check it out. Thanks!

  3. I would be very grateful if you could extend the invitation to me.
    Thank you.

  4. Hey josh! If love an invite

  5. I’ve been hearing all of the rants and raves about this Joost so much that I’ve been on a mission to get an Invite.

    Thanks man!

  6. I am still jones-ing for one! If you still have one… poeschlm (at)

  7. Looks like I’m too late, but if you do have an invite, or know someone who does, I’m juiced about getting one.

  8. Josh, I am not ashamed to admit I am a TV Junkie. My DVR offers a nice fix, but lately I have been thinking I needed a boost. I was wrong, I don’t need a boost, I need a Joost. If you have an extra Joost, can I bum one?

  9. Hey,

    Would be great full if you could send across a invite.

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