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So, NCEA (for my international viewers think off a high school qualification / certificate) is being changed, and I am for the changes (of course the curriculum on the other hand is fairly crap, but meh).

I would of done so much better under these improved conditions. Why?

To answer that I need to go back to 2003:

I was a slacker, I had (and still have) Developmental Dyspraxia, and I was a fairly intelligent young person (of course now I am a complete genius :P).

When I was told what I had to do to get level 1 NCEA, I laughed, I thought it would be a complete walk in the park (It was  / should of been but anyway), so I didn’t try, at all. and I only scraped through via 25 level 5 credits I had acquired playing UT one afternoon (but thats another story :D).

What would be different this time around? I would want to Impress, and the list of Not achieved marks on my certificate would of made me feel awful.

What does this have to do with anybody else?

I am sure that I was not the only one in a situation similar to mine.

Also, what I want to know is why did it take so long to change the fundamental flaws in the system, 1-2 years I can understand, but five?

Thats 25,000 lab rats the New Zealand govt needed before it got it right.

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  1. Josh is the man!

    good luck on imagine cup, you can make it!

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