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The other day, I was searching for something to watch on my tv, and I stumbled upon Maori TV (New Zealand’s TV channel for the Indigenous people of New Zealand, Largely Payed for by the NZ Government) displaying a warning message for a program, This warning message was warning that the preceding program had gay and lesbian content.

I find this really offensive, Not because I am gay, because well I’m not (I like women, alot) but because a few family members are gay and lesbian. Is It just me or is that discrimination on the part of Maori TV?

What makes it worse it that often, we hear on the news and in newspapers how some Maori’s think that they are dicriminated against.

Lets not forget, that the NZ govenment, is paying for this to occur.

Just another sign that New Zealand – as a whole is not ready to move into the 21st Century.


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