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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Well, yeah, this is a good use of a post isnt it?

Tommorow I turn 20,

What does this mean for my blog? Well Hopefully I should be getting a new laptop (As my old one bit the bullet about a month or so ago, I have been using what I refer to as the craptop in the mean time)  so I will be updating this blog more fequently and with hopfully more technical posts!


So, apology’s for the lack of bloggage recently, my laptop has completely died now (I should be getting a new one next week hopefully!)

Anyways, On with the announcement: I have been working of a java-script only version of JRN, this works via outsourcing the feed getting and sorting to yahoo pipes (although you can customise it to another source), This version of JRN is really just me playing around with java-script, but it might be useful for a light weight installation of JRN. It will be fully css-able, yada yada yida

Expect it before the weekend (It would be here sooner but the pipe feed I am using has 21tiers, not fun to play with…)

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