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So I’m guessing you would like to know what that annocment is, so here it is: Im resuming development on JRN, So far I have refactored the backend, added support for ATOM, I’m working on OPML import, speeding JRN up via a database + windows service, also I am slowly adding test code to JRN so it should be more robust.

I am not using the codeplex TFS like I should do so you cant see the source, this is so that people dont use the version that I am working on at the moment – mainly because it doesnt work at the moment (I am pritty much recoding the entire thing).

I would have the code published by monday but tommorow I am going on a day trip up to Hamner and thus wont be able to work on the code.


  1. WOW! Thats cool, could you please notify us (the blog readers) when you have released the new version ?

  2. Yup.

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