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Well I was just checking my blog stats and, Ive been blogging for two years! (coincidently this is my 150th post, I am so slack :D)


  1. Well done Josh,
    I’ve hit my two years at the start of August. I meant to note it on the day, but was a few days early, then I forgot about it and now it seams not too note worthy.

    Are you happy with you 150 posts. Would you do them the same again? or would you play your cards differently.


  2. Thanks Simeon,

    first off, congrats for you!

    To answer your questions, I am not really happy with the posts, seeing as the majority of the posts on this blog are not that informative and not really that exciting or interesting(hopefully I am slowly starting to change that), If I was gonna do those first 150 posts again. I would definitely post more technical content and have longer posts.


  3. Congratulations, keep up the good work pal!

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