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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Okay, this will be my last post on Halo 3 for a while.

I managed to go and co-op through the campain with a good freind on mine today.

a few thoughts on it.


The campign seemed a bit short, but it is a fitting end to the storyline.

the graphics are amazing.

I could go on but I will not.


Well, Halo 3 is coming out in just under nine hours, and well, Josh doesnt have a 360 and hasnt pre ordered the game, due to lack of money(due to lack of job), guttered…

maybe I should make a quick app called give josh a dollar and then get 800 people to give me a dollar… (things start ticking over in head….)

still, damnit!

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(insert pirate related banter here)

As I have just set JRN free I thought I would give a little bit of an introductory post on it, so lets begin.

What is JRN?

JRN is a “River of News” Blog argigator. This means that JRN displays a user defined collection of blog feeds down the page in descending order of post time I.E.


(this Image shows a JRN in action)

How do I view what blogs my JRN is subscribed to?

In your web browser goto http://(jrnuri)/admin/BlogRollAdmin.aspx where you will see something similar to this:

(please note that as of beta 1 you can not easily delete blog)

How do I add a blog to my JRN?

goto http://(jrnuri)/admin/Addblog.aspx and follow the instructions.

Now then, on to the fun stuff.

What I’m planning to include in JRN 1.0 B2

  • Fix bugs
  • Make JRN easier to install
  • modify argotic to properly show the authors name
  • Easier database administration

What I’m planning to include in future versions of JRN

  • AJAX!!!!
  • Saved Items (things google readers shared item functionallity)
  • Partial Feed workaround
  • Theming

code geek

Minus the Linux part (apart from that phase I went through in 2002, and my linux VMs…)

Another handy tip

Instead of:

IF (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Table1 WHERE ... ) > 0



Really this post is more for me but it might be useful for you

via Mladen

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Well Ive done it, JRN 1.0 Beta 1 is out, This version still leads a few things to be desired, But its a good start. Also I must say thank you to jerm who helped out a bit with the css. What I would really like is a few people to test it out and post issues and feature requests in the issue tracker.

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I have decided to wait untill Monday to upload JRN, Mainly because I want to finish off the admin area.

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I was slowly tiring of my old blog theme, and I recived some comments about the poor UX of the last blog theme. So I decided to change it. I like this theme, its nice and clean feeling.

This blog will proabably stay this way untill I migrate it to subtext or dasblog on my own personal domain in a few months.

Just a quick note for all those .NET developers out there, If you are after a easy was to create / parse RSS and ATOM and OPML, have a look at Argotic

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