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Im gonna upload JRN on the 16th of September(this Sat), in whatever form it is, and then Ill start fixing bugs as I / you guys find them (Yes, I know its been a long time coming!)

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  1. First question, been late to the Josh blog party, what is JRN? Second your theme is soo dark, it took me ages to even see where the boxes are input my comment.

  2. Hi Simeon,

    JRN is my Open Source “River of News” blog aggigator for ASP.NET(sort of similar to the software that runs Planet NZtech), for more information on JRN youu can goto the JRN project homepage on codeplex or read everything I have about JRN on this blog here

    Thanks for the comment about the joshblog theme, I will look at changing it later on this week when I have uploaded JRN to codeplex


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