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As I have just set JRN free I thought I would give a little bit of an introductory post on it, so lets begin.

What is JRN?

JRN is a “River of News” Blog argigator. This means that JRN displays a user defined collection of blog feeds down the page in descending order of post time I.E.


(this Image shows a JRN in action)

How do I view what blogs my JRN is subscribed to?

In your web browser goto http://(jrnuri)/admin/BlogRollAdmin.aspx where you will see something similar to this:

(please note that as of beta 1 you can not easily delete blog)

How do I add a blog to my JRN?

goto http://(jrnuri)/admin/Addblog.aspx and follow the instructions.

Now then, on to the fun stuff.

What I’m planning to include in JRN 1.0 B2

  • Fix bugs
  • Make JRN easier to install
  • modify argotic to properly show the authors name
  • Easier database administration

What I’m planning to include in future versions of JRN

  • AJAX!!!!
  • Saved Items (things google readers shared item functionallity)
  • Partial Feed workaround
  • Theming

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