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Well, Halo 3 is coming out in just under nine hours, and well, Josh doesnt have a 360 and hasnt pre ordered the game, due to lack of money(due to lack of job), guttered…

maybe I should make a quick app called give josh a dollar and then get 800 people to give me a dollar… (things start ticking over in head….)

still, damnit!

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  1. Yeah, I’m looking forward to one very late night 😀

    Damn 8:00 classes!

  2. Nice.

    Im hoping that I get invited somewhere in a few days for some co-op.

    *pounds self in face for being a moron…*

    BTW: nice to see you still read this blog David, Im gonna have a big LAN at the next semester break, I’ll make sure I invite you

  3. Hey, why don’t you ask your parents, maybe they could help?
    And if you will be getting xbox 360 , get elite 🙂

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