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Monthly Archives: October 2007

So, as you may of noticed, I have not posted in a while, this is mainly because I have been busy with stuff…..

anyways on to the news

  • Sometime next month I am going to upload JRN v1 Beta 2, I am not saying exactly when because knowing me, Ill get sidetracked :}
  • This week sometime I am going to upload the new episode of JoshJerm, We have already filmed it and i have edited it.

So thats about it…

PS: The new version of Flock is about 150% better than any other web browser I have used

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Python Imaging Library (PIL)

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Well, like almost any programmer, I have a large repository of small projects and other things like that I have worked on.

Well I have decided to start uploading them to an assembla space.

at the moment their is just Josh.BitmapHelpers (a few classes to help with modifying bitmaps)

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So I was just reading one of my JRN‘s and I find that ScottGu just announced a MVC framework for ASP.NET!

While this is awesome,  this will mean that later on next year, I will spend a weekend converting bluestring (my next pet project) to use the framework. or I could just use Monorail

Just a quick update on JRN, I have fixed a few bugs, and are currently working on the feed getter fetching duplicate posts bug.