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Ok I will admit it. I am sorry

Some of the way I went around the experiment were a little strange (i.e. I should of set up a dummy blog somewhere and did it there as not too alienate my regular readers(or they were just playing  the game better than me but none the less)

In truth I am actually dual booting windows XP(im waiting for SP1 of vista) and Ubuntu feisty fawn and I am very happy with both of them, heck if it were not for a few apps and VS, I would more than likely switch to feisty completely.

Some of the best software is written for Linux i.e. the Beowulf project, litehttpd, Bash, Mono, 5-in-a-row (I have become addicted to that game for the last 48 hours), Apache, etc

So there you have it, I’m bi-curious (with Operating systems of course :D)

Ill leave the aforementioned post open for a bit, but the experiment should be considered over.

Oh and for my regular readers, normal posting will recommence tomorrow.



  1. I just think its interesting how on pro-windows forums trolls are too be expected, but whenever Linux is put down people jump to its aid.

    On Linux forums I thinks trolls are also expected. Your blog is not a forum. The experiment was the test if readers of a blog would define Linux. Reading the comments of the experiment, I don’t think people are defending Linux per-say, more correcting your blatant mistakes. If you where to post an equalling ill formed judgement about Windows or Leopard, I’d expect an equal response for your readers.

    If you did this experiment on a random blog I would have never seen it, and if I did see it, I would have treated it as a troll to ignore.

    But as your a DNUG person, just assumed you’d drank to hard at the cool-aid stand.

  2. Whatever, linux sucks ,D

  3. Everybody is entitled to an opinion, and that’s cool if that is your opinion.

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