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Update: This post was one that I wrote as part of an ill devised experiment that I later retracted. For more information please check out this post

So the other day, I decided to install the current version of ubuntu linux.

And I am astounded…

at how crap it is

heres a list of complants from me

  1. WTF is with the installer, it removed my entire collection of music, even though I had told it just to use 5gbs of space
  2. The windowing system, why does it need two components to run a GUI, especially a GUI with horrible UX, I would rather use windows 95 than the latest “distro”
  3. it doesnt let me run any windows apps, this is a major letdown as the apps bundled with ubuntu are just horrible
  4. it doesnt come bundled with a webserver or a database server
  5. GRUB doesnt let me boot into windows, this was the last straw , I reformatted my machine and promptly re imaged my machine back to Vista

People that say that linux is good should be taken out back and shot


  1. Does Vista run Linux apps? The recommended minimum requirement is 8GB of disk space for Ubuntu. Ubuntu uses the Debian repositories so it has access to about 25,000 programs, applications, utilities and libraries. You will find among them Apache and MySQL. Grub will detect a Windows partition and most recent installers give you the option of adding it to the boot menu.

    Your post here is a shining example of how not to install Linux. Your expectation of being able to run your Windows applications says it all. You did absolutely no research. My advise to you, if you are interested in installing Linux, is to do some serious study. Not just for an hour or two. Scan the forums and comments sections on blogs about Linux a little bit each day for a few weeks. Visit And by all means, play with a Live CD.

    I’m a people and I say Linux is good.

  2. For scoring purposes, what distro did you use?

  3. Oh Josh, what typical fanboy comments you have made 😦

    Lets start at the top.

    1) No idea why it would have deleted your music. Mine didn’t go anywhere when I installed Ubuntu 7.10 next to windows. You do need to install codecs before it’ll PLAY mp3s though. (Proprietary Codec)

    2) If you don’t like Gnome try KDE. Or use a terminal window if you’re that opposed to it. That’s the beauty of Linux, if you don’t like it CHANGE it :D.

    3) It doesn’t let you run windows apps… It doesn’t let you run windows apps? OF COURSE IT DOESN’T LET YOU RUN WINDOWS APPS! If you want to run windows apps, RUN WINDOWS! Don’t call an entire operating system stupid because you can’t install Visual Studio! As for bundled apps being horible, yeah. Quite a few of them are. Just like windows users not to use Notepad for their essays, Paint for graphics design and Sound Recorder in recording studios. They’re tools to get you started, i’d like to see you apt-get install audacity on windows.

    4) *Blinks* Yes it does. Apache and mySQL. I’m not sure if they’re installed by default, But open up the Application Installer and tick “Webserver”. Apache, PHP, mySQL. Not to mention a bazillion other plugins and applications. apt-get install phpsysinfo phpmyadmin munin while you’re at it.

    5) Grub’s an optional extra. Although by default I’m pretty sure it should give you the option to boot windows. If you don’t like it and its pretty little grapgical configuration box in ubuntu. Boot back into windows and use the windows loader to boot linux.

    Personally, I use Windows Vista and have a Windows 2008 file server. But that’s where the windows ends. Webserver’s Debian, PABX’s rPath, Virtual Machine Host is Ubuntu 7.10. Heck, even my firewall is OpenBSD!

    I think anyone that puts all their eggs in one basket and limits themselves to a single operating system, should be taken out back and knifed, slowly. 😀

  4. hmm, first off I don’t use linux, but I think your thinking is VERY floored.

    1. can you tell a windows install to only use some of your disk, while not trashing the rest. (unless it’s pre-formatted, and then the same should apply to most linux distros)

    2. You mean X-server, and X-client. hmm youngling, you’ve never done remote desktop the real way. None of this, one desktop per machine shit the windows came up with.

    3. hmm, how many Linux or Mac apps run under windows.

    4. have you not been on the internet very long, you would have heard of all the WORM that fucked Windows servers because they came pre-loaded. Also my XP box didn’t have a MS-SQL or IIS installed by default. So what are you on about.

    5. does the default Vista bootload not handle Linux yet??. I always use LiLo to boot, and it had no problems with my Windows installs.

    Now do the same list with Leopard. I think you’ll find it behaves the same, until you install extra software.

    That said I use Windows and know it could be better, but then it runs Visual Studio the best, so it’s not really a option to change.


    Thank you all

    And just for clarification I have used Linux before, when I was 12-13 I had my first experience with Linux.

  6. People that say that linux is good should be taken out back and shot

    That’s a good one mate!

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