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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Well the holiday at Punakiki was awesome.

We stayed in what can best be described as a three story tree house. I got through about 2 books, caught up on listening to some podcasts, went on a few walks, and played a fair amount of  ‘holdem and generally just relaxed.

When I got back, I decided to start work on Bluestring. Yesterday I finished the first sprint (2 days ahead of schedule!!!!).  It feels so good to have my BL & data layer pass all their tests (I’m using MbUnit) and compiling.

I have decided that with this sprint, I will make some tools to aid the development of Bluestring.

Eventually I will open source two of these tools and they are: JHarris.Zenbu(my .Net interface for Zenbu) and GmailSCS (my lazy source control system)

I think that at this rate, Bluestring should be ready for launch in Aug/Sept

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I am still alive, though I am quite busy with a few projects.

JoshBlog should be back to a normal posting schedule in about a week or two.

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