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So, a couple of nights ago, I was programming a web comic downloading library, and I needed to test a few things, so I started writing a test application.

After about five to ten minutes and a lambada or two I ended Up with an application that writes to the console the total number of Friday’s since 01/01/0001(as far back as .NET would allow me to calculate).

After I had done that, I decided that I would expand my application to all the days in the week (as you do).

as this is slightly interesting(well to me at least) here is the output from when I ran my program a few minutes ago:

Number of days as of 16/02/2008 4:07:51 p.m.
Monday: 104726
Tuesday: 104727
Wednesday: 104727
Thursday: 104727
Friday: 104727
Saturday: 104727
Sunday: 104727

I have not published the code as it is rather ugly, but if you want it email me or leave a comment on this blog

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