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Yesterday for some unknown reason I decided to have a play with the planet software (this is the software that I sort of ported to the .net stack with JRN).

For my Install I used the Venus build (download here), I did this because Venus uses a flat file db system that works better on Windows.

After around 10 minutes of playing around with the config file I was able to start it with a simple command (python Josh/config.ini for those playing at home).

And the I suddenly realized how planet manages to be so fast, it generates static HTML pages and outputs them into a folder (I know it said that on the planet homepage but old age is starting to get me…)

So after a bit of consideration, for the next 6-10 months I have decided to not do any development on JRN in order to get some new ideas and finish some of my [incredibly large amount of] unfinished projects and to also try and get planet working with IronPython.

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