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Apache is weird, but cool.

PHP isn’t as bad as I thought it was(its not awesome but…)

Alot of people cant code PHP that well (like 60% of people who code in php are crap at doing it, admitily PHP is a bit of a hack language).

Globulation2 rocks.

Uninstalling still needs to be worked on a bit.

Ubuntu should update the Mono binary in its repository to version 1.9

Ubuntu online help is pretty awesome

Nano is soooooo much better than vim (*runs for cover* :D)

If people changed the ServerSignature property to off in their apache2.conf files, that would make the world a bit more secure

Now then, back to Windows as my main OS!

Disclamer: I am a Linux n00b and things I say should not really hold much weight (In relation to Linux anyway!)


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