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A while ago, I promised to do a post to update you all (If you are still reading :D) of what I have been doing, well here is the post.

I have been busy working away at bluestring (yeah, you will still have to wait a while to know what it is), I started it in Rails (I took the modifed scaffolding route), didnt really like it so I am in the process of deciding between Python(Django) and ASP.NET, I would prefer to use aspx (as I know .net slightly better than I do Python, and I would most likly write some of the backend things in C#) but the price of licencing and things (If I was to go the aspx route I would want windows hosting) could be a problem.

I also have been writing a programming language to play around with a few ideas of mine, such as self modifying classes, progmaticly injecting methods / propertys into a class, and other ideas.

I also have been playing with Linux(Ubuntu 8.04 FTW!), MySQL, Postgresql, Apache, and a few other things.

Thats about, it, well apart from school(going well) and whatnot. 

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