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Monthly Archives: January 2009

I seem to parse the dmoz content dump, and as anyone who's actually played around with it will tell you, it's annoying to parse, so, for future reference:

^<ExternalPage\ about="(?<link>.+?)">\n\ \ <d:Title>(?<title>.+?)</d:Title>\n\ \ <d:Description>(?<description>.+?)</d:Description>\n\ \ <topic>(?<topic>.+?)</topic>\n</ExternalPage>\ $

For my own reference more than anything.

General tidy up of OpenWebSearch# (and conversion of all code comments from italian to english)

JHarris.Itunes (Find way around itunes not letting me a IITrack to a IITPlaylist)

ItunesFixter ( intergration, mainly so I can programmicly add album art from to itunes)

Creating a build server for my various projects.


Learning Django.

Making use of my Azure beta subscription.

Private projects.


No more new projects untill these ones are done.

EDIT: Damned wordpress chewing up the images, probably best to read this in an RSS viewer

I’m back. The break was good, albeit a bit sad.

Anyways, today I downloaded and installed the Windows 7 beta (actually it finished installing about 20 minutes ago).

As I havent really done much with it (yet…), I thought I would post some screenshots of it.

The Installer Doing what it does best.



The Splash screen, it does this cool little animation of four balls turning into the windows logo

The loading screen after the splash screen, prittymuch the same as Vista’s one

The desktop, now with added taskbar. For those wondering what it wanted to tell me, it was warning me about lack of Antivirus software

The task manager, showing the low memory usage. me likey


So what do I think, at this early stage?

The taskbar is cool, though in my opinon its a little too thick.

the low memory usage is cool (to give a really unfair comparison atm my Vista Home Premium laptop is using 2.17GB  memory (thats with the Windows 7 VM running), usually it averages out at roughly 1.2GB (with SQL server running).

IE8 is still a bit slow.

I’m really looking foward to shoving VS in it and having a play.