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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Work continues on ItemDB(at a slowish speed, damned RL…), I have finally settled on a persitance mechanism that I am relitivly happy with (JSON based, More on that in a couple of posts).

While I was talking to roman about it the other day, I realised that I could be increadibly lazy and create a simple version of itemDB powered by SQL Server and LINQ2SQL, but for reasons of speed and wanting todo it right I have decided aganst it for now.

Of course if anybody is willing to lend a hand please flick me an email or something, this will be open source.


For a current project involving large amounts of unstructured and structured data, I needed a Key/Value style DB.

So after looking around at the current options nothing really suited my needs (.NET based, relatively small footprint, simple as pie) I decided to write one, it is [imaginatively] titled ItemDB and is sort of modeled after the way freebase store’s its data and my own views.

With ItemDB (currently in early stages of development) there are three main concepts to think about; Item, Fact, Relationship.

An Item is the main storage item in ItemDB (as an example let’s create an Item called Josh), with ItemDB this is the main thing we need to worry about.

A Fact is a bit of knowledge about the Item that its contained in (let’s add a Fact to the Item we created previously called age, we will set it to 21), Facts generally live in a FactCollection witch is the subject of a later post

A Relationship is well, a relationship between one fact and another (let’s add a relationship between Josh and Coke with a relationship type as FavoriteCaffineatedBeverage)

These three concepts should allow for incredibly complex capability

This would usually be the bit with a link to the current build of ItemDB or something along those line, but there is a problem with that, It’s not quite ready for its public showing (current lack of  persistence being a large part of that). Stay tuned

As per usual, Any questions leave a comment.

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