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Ok, Is it just me, or are the people ruling this nation a bunch of complete idiots?

In these current hard economic conditions, when people are turning in ever increasing numbers, to services provided by the government. The government are laying of 1000 staff. that’s 1000 jobs. Even before this current period of economic woe, govt services already had massive backlogs of work. these backlogs are only gonna get larger.

Our National led government (BTW: John Key should really change his first name to Don) seems content to do absolutely nothing to help anybody in particular at this present point and time. In fact the major political issue seemly faced by the government is a bit of road work in Auckland. and even that, when / if it gets of the ground will undoubtedly not even start for a couple years.

There are a lot of other stupid actions being undertook by the people we elect to make things better, but that’s a topic for another day.

People are suffering now, not in a couple months, but now, the more we wait, the worse things are gonna get.

While there are a large number of people willing to work, Why don’t we capitalise by temporarily doubling the numbers of government case workers and the like to clear the backlog. Of course make it clear to them that they shouldn’t count on having these jobs in a couple years. when the backlog is cleared we make sure to keep roughly half of the temp workers to continue aiding democracy while reducing bureaucracy.

That brings me to the second part of my plan. that I will post tommorow, but it involves the internet, and a number between five and 100 million

I would like to point out that I might have something wrong, so dont be a troll, be an orgre


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