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Last post, I gave  quick summary of why NZ’s govt sucks. and began to slowly detail what they should do to kinda help NZ citizens out. I should point out that while this is primarily aimed at NZ there are no reasons why this can’t work in other country’s, of course they should hire their own citizens :).

Now many of you, after reading that will be thinking that adding more staff to an already bloated bureaucratic infrastructure will make things grind to a halt. What we need is a well implemented and designed electronic system (this could be designed and built by a NZ based company) for handling some of the forms and things. The way people would use the system should be similar to the following:

1.  Person gains a smartcard / one time password card from their case worker or whatever when proper identification verification is complete.

2. To fill in forms they authenticate from their own computer or from a goverment owned computer bank, this could include fingerprint verification or other biometric verifation.

3. Forms are electronicly taken to the correct department and added as work items for government staff to process (staff will see this sorted ascending by request age).

Ideally Department head’s would have acess to near real time statistics on number of work items processed per worker and other such things. This would help cut down on staff slacking on the job and would also show who to promote into management, this would avoid idiots getting into positions of power.

By now you are probably wondering how the government will pay for this, well, Based on my quick calculations with the latest NZ statistics Quarterly employment survey data, a flat tax hike of between 50c and $1 a week to people who earn more than 30K per year should be sufficient to cover the prices, of course, with National at the wheel this will never happen.

So, What do you think?


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