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Yesterday I uploaded a project of mine that I have been using a while on various image manipulation projects and the like.

Basicly what it is a class libary with a couple handy things such as the RectangleHelpers class, this class allows one todo some handy things with rectangles, such as creating a system.drawing.rectangle class from two points.

The logical operators class does Boolean operations on images, I should point out that the code in that class is not mine, I can’t remember where I found it, I do remember it was in a article of code-project or similar.

the rest of the classes are fairly self descriptive.



  1. Why the LGPL license?

    • I seem to remember it being more freeing than the GPL licence. I really just want the licence to be “do whatever you want with it, but tell me if you use it in a product”, Looking at it now I think I’m gonna change it to the MIT licence.

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