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I’m a 19 year old programming student at CPIT/ freelancer proggrammer intrested in Augmented Reality, .NET, Patterns and Practices, Robotics, Gaming, Education, Systems Arcitecture, Web 2.0, Python, RoR, Music, US Politics and Global Warming amonst other things..

Here is a picture of me


(gotta get a diffrent picture of me…)


Version: 3.1

GAT d- s: a--- C++++ U++ P+ L+(L--) E--- W+++ N++ o K w++++ O--- M- V PS++

PE++ Y+ PGP t 5 R tv++ b+ DI+++ D++ G e* h r !z+


My blogger code: B5 d- t k+ s+ u f- i+ o+ x e l+ c (decode it!)


One Comment

  1. Thats a great block you got there Josh, I added your feeds to my news reader 🙂

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