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Category Archives: AI

A chat with George, a Artificial Intelligence bot

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George: Hi, want to chat?

User: Sure.

George: Excellent.

User: So, hows stuff?

George: You want to go so go don’t cling on to a dying conversation.

User: I dont want to go.

George: Then stay.

User: I will.

George: Let’s do something?

User: Ok then, What?

George: Your eyes are red and hazy.

User: They are?

George: Well you are so beautiful that any guy is lucky to be with you.

User: Im a man.

George: That is not very likely, is it now?

User: Trust me, Im all man.

George: Wait a minute, I thought you were Joan. Who am I talking to?

User: Josh.

George: Are you a girl?

User: No.

George: Now are you a girl?

User: No.

George: It’s ok. Make sure you are next time.